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About Us


Welcome to the world of Daffna, a ready-to-wear fashion brand based in the USA, fully manufactured in Portugal, and enjoyed by individuals around the globe. Eugenia Isen, both an illustrator and designer, has been leading with her soulful approach to garment design and a human-centered perspective in managing business processes.

The idea of creating the Daffna brand emerged from a desire to empower women to wear distinctive, premium-quality clothing that remains affordable. The Daffna spirit is modern, glamorous, and sincere with a hint of playfulness. Each piece is elaborated to be one-of-a-kind. The brand is driven by the woman as the main figure, a source of inspiration. Therefore, the primary objective of the creative process is to emphasize her individuality while combining chic and comfort.



The brand not only promotes but also practices humanistic values. By maintaining a limited stock, we encourage customers to support independent small manufacturers. Through collaboration with local suppliers exclusively located in Portugal, we ensure the highest quality while simultaneously offering employees fair working conditions and upholding the high European standard of living.

We have deliberately chosen a path that minimizes harm to our planet, and we reinforce this commitment with our minimal inventory of clothes. Our production process is entirely zero waste, as we utilize every inch of fabric. Consequently, when producing a batch of each model, we are left with nothing but exquisite items. Even when designing the most elegant wardrobe pieces, we strive for timelessness and meticulously select materials that are built to last.